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Hawaii’s Top Restaurants

Beaches are not the only thing that tourists would be interested in once they have flown in to Hawaii. After their journey, they might want to relax and have a bite to eat. Fortunately for them, Hawaii is also home to world-class restaurants. In fact, here is a compilation of the best restaurants in various islands:

Alan Wong's Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the island of Oahu. Guests would get to sample its wonderful regional cuisine. Some of the famous masterpieces found here are the kalua pig and butterfish as well as luau lumpia, some warm California rolls that are prepared with Kona lobster, wasabi and salmon roe, and of course, the restaurant’s fresh onaga coated with ginger. The day-boat scallops and Opihi shooters that are in season are incredibly fabulous, and their grilled lamb chops are a perpetual special. The restaurant’s menu is changed daily but one constant thing here is their dishes’ delectable flavors.


Merriman's Restaurant

Peter Merriman, the Big Island’s renowned chef, unleashes his culinary creativity at this dining place found in Waimea and is considered as a leading Hawaiian attraction. Tourists would definitely have a great time dining here. Some of the wonderful dishes showcased in this place consist of the chef’s signature ahi charred in wok, his kung pao shrimp, or kung pao lamb from the neighboring Kahua Ranch. The restaurant’s famed meat and seafood platters are just some of the countless reasons as to why this spot is considered as Waimea’s busiest and best eatery.


Son'z Maui at Swan Court

Travelers would always come back to this restaurant. It is widely considered as the most romantic place in the whole of Maui. It has a fantastic view of a manmade pond that highlights some swimming white and black swans as well as the rolling waters of the Pacific Ocean nearby. This eatery has a fantastic culinary team that makes imaginative and artistic dishes. Their food is prepared using fresh local ingredients such as hearts of palm from Hana, avocados from Ono Farms, Kula strawberries and corn, beef from the Maui Cattle Company, sweet onions from Maui as well as fresh Hawaiian fish. Add all that with first-class service together with a relaxing ambiance make this place one of the greatest restaurants in Maui.



Majority of the greatest Hawaiian chefs has all added some of their personal styles when they stayed in this restaurant. The result is the blending of the Island and Mediterranean cuisines that any guest would take pleasure in. This is actually the best gourmet restaurant in Lanai, with a formal environment coupled with excellent food. The latest inclusion in this elegant restaurant that overlooks both the ocean and resort beyond is the traditional Italian dishes. The food here is fairly priced considering that it is in the Four Seasons Resort Lanai located at the Manele Bay.

 Each of the Hawaiian Islands has some wonderful restaurants to offer. When visiting Hawaii, travelers should always scout for great restaurants that provide superb food and those that are not hard on the tourists’ pockets.

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